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Dr. M.B. - 16-Jan-2015

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Client, Hilliard Law Director, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of reckless driving in OVI case.
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Felony Trafficking 93 pounds of marijuana. Client faced potential penalty of 2-8 years in prison. Th ...
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Our client is a 31 year old IT specialist with Nationwide. He was pulled over for speeding and charg
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Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyers - Ohio DUI / OVI Lawyers

Columbus' Premier Drunk Driving Defense Law Firm

The Koffel Law Firm is one of only four law firms in Ohio in the exclusive U.S. News - Best Law Firms in America for the DUI / DWI niche. Attorney Brad Koffel has also been selected for inclusion in 2013 Super Lawyers® for Criminal Defense. The six lawyers and staff, however, are most proud of being awarded the highest possible rating (AV®) by the nation's oldest and largest attorney rating service, Martindale-Hubbell®.

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DUI Defense
BMV Hearing
DUI With Injury
Multiple DUI
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Ohio DUI / OVI Overview
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Underage DUI
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Drug Crimes
Deception of Obtaining Drugs
Drug Cultivation
Drug Paraphernalia
Drug Trafficking / Sale
Possession of Drug Documents
Possession of Drugs
Trafficking Marijuana
Benefits of Sealing Your Record
Changes in Ohio Expungement Law
Disqualifying Offenses
Eligibility to Seal a Criminal Record
How to File
High School and College Cases
ADD/ ADHD & Teen Use
Affluence & Teen Use
Alcohol & Teens
Cocaine & Teens
Heroin and Teens
Juvenile Crimes
Marijuana & Teens
Turbulent Teens: Advice for Parents
Underage Possession of Alcohol
Serious Vehicular Crimes
Aggravated Vehicular Assault
Aggravated Vehicular Homicide
Drag Racing
Driving Under Suspension
Nitrous Oxide & Motor Vehicle
Ohio Fleeing & Eluding
Ohio Hit-Skip
Reckless Driving
Sex Crimes
Computer Sex Crimes
Disseminating Matter Harmful to Juveniles
Gross Sexual Imposition
Ohio Offense Tiers
Ohio Sex Offender Registration
Pandering/Child Pornography
Public Indecency
Sexual Battery
Sexual Imposition
Unlawful Sexual Conduct
Theft Crimes
Credit Card Fraud
Investment Fraud
Mortgage Fraud
Stock Broker Misconduct
Workers' Comp Fraud
Judicial Release
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Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyers - Ohio DUI / OVI Attorneys

Koffel Law Firm - Best Law Firms Brad Koffel - Best Lawyers in America

The Koffel Law Firm is one of the leading 100% privately retained Criminal / DUI law firms in Ohio. With the highest possible rating by the nation's oldest attorney rating service, Martindale Hubbell, the attorneys at the firm enjoy AV® Peer Review Ratings. Our firm's managing attorney, Brad Koffel, is included in "Best Lawyers in America" -- currently consisting of just 1% of the lawyers in the United States. He was also named a Top 100 Trial Lawyer in America by The National Trial Lawyers. Two of our lawyers are named Ohio Super Lawyers® which is an honor just 5% of Ohio attorneys receive annually.

The Koffel Law Firm's professional strengths are Ohio criminal law, including:

The firm's docket typically includes cases pending in counties all across Ohio as well as the United States District Court, Southern District of Ohio in Columbus. In 1994, Attorney Brad Koffel opened his private practice in Upper Arlington, Ohio. Today, The Koffel Law Firm is a ten person practice group that has established itself as one of the most reputable and successful Criminal / DUI Defense practices in Ohio.

Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys in Ohio NACDA

Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys

Brad Koffel is honored to have been selected as one of the Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys in Ohio by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys (NACDA). Out of more than a million lawyers in the nation, being included in the Top 10 in the state in the practice area of criminal defense is a singular honor. Inclusion in the Top 10 Criminal Attorneys is a badge of trust that potential clients can look to as an indication of trust.

About Our Alcohol & Drugs Practice

The Koffel Law Firm established the micro-niche AOD Practice Group (Alcohol & Other Drugs). The AOD Practice focuses exclusively on working with clients and their families who are battling addictions. The firm's lawyers and staff have personally visited most of the major treatment providers in Ohio as well as some of nation's leading treatment facilities. From interventions to relapse prevention and everything in between, the firm is fluent in the evidence-based therapy programs and bridges the gap between treatment and the courts. The firm's clients have greatly benefitted from this acute legal-medical practice group.

Drunk Driving
Vehicular Crimes
Theft Crimes
Drug Crimes
Sex Crimes
Juvenile Cases

What You Need to Know Before Visiting

In the spring of 2010, The Koffel Law Firm began construction on its new office at the Watermark Island Building in the Arlington / Grandview area. Today, the firm boasts one of the most beautiful office settings in Columbus from the top floor of the building surrounded by water views and floor to ceiling windows. The entrance is gated but gates are open Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. If you have an appointment outside these hours, please call 614-675-4845.

Criminal Defense for ASD Clients

In 2012, Attorney Fran Tosi Ward founded what may be the country's first criminal defense practice for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) clients. Attorney Fran Ward is actively involved in the ASD community at the national level. The firm's mission is to educate the courts and prosecutors about ASD teens and adults and the best ways to communicate and discipline them for criminal transgressions. Many kids are on the spectrum and are being adjudicated as juvenile delinquents and treated inappropriately by the courts. Many parents aren't sure if their kids are "on the spectrum" or not. The behaviors and nuances of these kids and young adults must be understood by the lawyers advocating for them in the criminal courts as well as those prosecuting and judging them.

What Our Clients Have to Say

We recommend the Koffel Law Firm because they operate with a high level of integrity and professional expertise. We brought a complex situation for Mr. Koffel to review because it dealt not only with criminal charges but addiction problems. We interviewed other attorneys and heard various approaches to solve the criminal situation. Only Brad realized the seriousness of the situation and recommended an approach to treat the total person and re-launch our family member as a positive member of society.

It turns out the Koffel Law Firm has excellent resources to help a person fighting the disease of addiction. That fact is a huge bonus. Legally, it quickly became apparent the Koffel Law Firm has great expertise with the courts and we believe they are respected for their forthright, prompt and honest communication. Our situation is ongoing and how this ends is still evolving.

We are writing this review at this time so other parents entangled with a loved one in this vicious web of addiction and related crime and agonizing over how and where to begin can find comfort that they have found a great resource right here! If you are researching the Koffel Law Firm, you are taking a strong step in the right direction. We now know our loved one is safe, getting treatment, gaining confidence and has one of the best legal teams, anywhere in America, defending their rights. We will try to do a follow up posting at a later date. We know this is a long journey but we have faith. We are thankful we have the Koffel Law Firm by our side.

-- (Mr. &Mrs. William O., January 2013)

We Know How to Pick Our Clients: Why do we have happy clients and extremely high rates of success? We start with only accepting cases and clients that we believe have the factors that point towards a favorable resolution. We are primarily interested in accepting clients who have no or very limited previous contact with the criminal courts. We are looking for cases that have a high potential for a favorable outcome in terms of treatment in lieu of conviction, diversion, misdemeanors, probation, and non-prison terms.

Who We Won't Represent: A healthy and successful attorney-client relationship requires a clear understanding of a law firm's practice limits. We do not accept violent deadly weapon crimes, acts of violence or sex crimes against children, habitual felons, or gang members. Our lawyers and staff will treat our client with utmost respect and dignity and we expect the same in return from a client. We will fire a client who mistreats or is rude to our staff. We will not represent a client who lies or misleads us.

Are We Right for You? We know what we do and you can read what we do. However, the best peace of mind you can find in hiring a lawyer is to hear from past clients. Read what our clients have to say -- CLIENT REVIEWS.

What Sets Us Apart

The Koffel Law Firm acts quickly, every day of the week, and every day of the year. If you or someone you care about is in jail, call us. We can probably get them out today. (To learn more about jail release, click Jail Release & Immediate Bond Hearings.) If you or someone you know has a court date right around the corner, we can most likely handle it. If you or someone you know has been contacted by a detective, call us before speaking to the detective. In all likelihood, we've seen your situation many, many times before. We have low retainers, connections with bail bondsmen, and we know all the judges and prosecutors quite well in the counties in which we practice. In Criminal / DUI law, being quick, connected, and reputable are the keys to success.

Same Day & Next Day Appointments
Because clients and their families are scared, we are specifically designed to get you in for a consultation immediately. We always have an attorney at the office with open office hours, Monday - Fridays. Call 614-675-4845 if you would like to come in for a meeting.

It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know
When you get arrested or are under investigation, you want a lawyer who knows the people on the other side - the police, the prosecutors and the judges. This is our bread and butter.

We Are Active In Seeking Sentencing Alternatives, Diversion & Deferred Prosecutions
Many offenses and offenders may qualify for pre-indictment dispositions such as diversion. Post-indictment may permit intervention in lieu of conviction or non-prison sentencing alternatives. We are vocal and passionate about finding non-prison alternatives for our clients.

About Our Client Navigators - 1 Person to Call

The Koffel Law Firm offers an exceptionally personal approach to client care, beginning with access to a client navigator. From the first day you become a client, a client navigator will be assigned to you. You will have his or her cell phone number and personal email address. What is a client navigator? A client navigator provides personalized assistance to help clients cope with all the questions, issues and emotions and you'll face throughout the process of being investigated and/ or prosecuted.

Jump to Our Practice Areas:

From your very first visit, you'll find your client navigator to be an indispensable resource, highly adept at augmenting your attorney's expertise. He or she will link you to the services, education and support you need to successfully navigate your case, restore your peace of mind and overcome the uncertainties associated with being a defendant.

Many clients say that their client navigator drastically reduces their own personal stress by assisting them with: courthouse information, explaining legal terms, facilitating communication with your attorney, coordinating and scheduling appointments, offering information on your case upon your request, and simply lending a compassionate ear.

Arrested for Drinking & Driving?

The Kind of Lawyer You Need on Your Side

When you need an advocate, someone who will fight for you against your criminal charges, contact a Columbus criminal defense lawyer at The Koffel Law Firm. Our legal team is known throughout the legal community and courts in the Columbus area as a hard-hitting and competent criminal defense group. No matter how terrible your situation may appear, the legal team can review the details and evidence and strategize a defense to fight for you. Call 614-675-4845.

Most individuals may only need legal counsel once in their lives - but when you need a lawyer, you want one that is highly professional, skilled, and will aggressively fight for you. Our legal team has extensive courtroom experience, which is an advantage for the client. Over time, it is natural that relationships develop throughout the court system, which can greatly smooth the progress of negotiations on your behalf.

Being charged with a crime is a frightening and distressing situation. It is crucial that you have faith that the lawyer representing you understands fully the importance of the case to your future. Our legal team takes pride in their dedication to the client. Your case will be given the priority attention it deserves.

Charged with a crime? Contact us today!

Koffel Law Firm Awards

The most critical factor is that you move fast when you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense. Getting legal representation from the firm immediately after the arrest is extremely important, and it can make the case more difficult to engage in answering questions from police or federal investigators without a lawyer from the firm present to protect your rights. Strong defense starts from the moment of arrest.

If you were arrested for a crime, it is highly recommended that the first step you take is to talk to a qualified attorney. Even if you did not do anything wrong, what you tell authorities could be misunderstood. Instead, you should allow a Columbus criminal defense attorney from our firm to examine your case and the evidence against you.

If you were already convicted of a crime, we could help you appeal your case. Many attorneys choose not to do this as it can be complicated and time-consuming. However, we understand that individuals are falsely accused of crimes every day and want to do our best to defend them. You can rely on us no matter how serious and hopeless your circumstances may appear. No case is exactly alike and so it is crucial that you speak with a member of our legal team. We will work tirelessly to protect your future and your freedom.

The Firm You Can Turn To For Help

Odds Are, We've Solved Your Problem Many Times For Previous Clients

The Koffel Law Firm has an incredible track record on vastly improving the futures of our clients, many times in less than 120 days. We do not accept every case that calls in but we are willing to listen for a few minutes and give you our thoughts. Even though we are based in Columbus, we will accept cases in 25-30 Ohio counties. Even if all we do is tell you what to do and how to do it or we refer you to another law firm, we can typically provide some insight to a person's criminal or DUI situation. Most phone calls are handled immediately with one of our trained support staff and we can give guidance in 15 minutes or less.

Fast, Personal Service

The firm's bench strength is the rare personal touch that is hard to find with most professional services providers. Our 5 lawyers are always "on call" as is every single member of our professional support staff. Evenings, weekends, and even holidays, we will reply to client texts, email, and phone calls. We are available to non-clients for telephone interviews and fast assistance 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. 7 days a week. Once we accept a case, we offer retainers as low as $500 on certain cases and payment options to qualified clients. Most of our clients hire us over the phone and we are in court with them the next day or a few days later.

A Niche Firm with Low Retainers and Payment Options

You may be surprised at how reasonable our retainers are. Depending upon the type of charge, county, and prior record, we are able to work out legal fees for 500 people per year. For qualified clients, we can offer payment terms. The cases we are primarily interested in helping people fall into the following categories. This is not an all-inclusive list.

  • ALCOHOL & DRUG BASED OFFENSES (possession, paraphernalia, alcohol violations, drug crimes)
  • DUI / OVI (first offender, multiple offender, felony DUI/OVI)
  • EMERGENCY JAIL RELEASE & BOND HEARINGS(appearing in court on extremely short notice)
  • JUVENILE CRIMINAL & TRAFFIC LAW (teen drinking, teen drug, teen DUI)
  • "FIRST OFFENDER" FELONIES (people who have never been in serious trouble before)
  • SERIOUS VEHICULAR CRIMES (death & serious injury from vehicle crashes, hit skip, DUS)
  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE & ASSAULT (husband / wife arguments, misdemeanor & felony assault)
  • SEX OFFENSES (internet-based, sexual conduct / contact, "date rape", false sex abuse charges)
  • THEFT & EMBEZZLEMENT (employee theft, white collar theft, partnership disputes)
  • PROBATION VIOLATIONS (municipal courts and common pleas court community control revocations)
  • CRIMINAL APPEALS (we will accept appellate cases where we were not trial counsel)

The Koffel Law Firm offers low retainers and payment options for qualified clients. From the very first phone call to 614-675-4845, we can immediately start listening and giving you quick feedback. Most clients feel lost in the maze. In all likelihood, what you are facing, we've seen before -- probably many times over.

When seeking a highly-rated and successful attorney to represent you or a family member in the criminal courts of Ohio, you want to make sure that the Columbus criminal defense lawyer that you retain is rated highly by judges, prosecutors, officers, and other lawyers. The Criminal / DUI Defense lawyers at Koffel Law Firm are known throughout the legal community and courts as one of the most reputable, successful, and established firms. The firm continually receives the highest ratings possible by other lawyers.

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Contact a Columbus criminal defense attorney from Koffel Law Firm immediately if you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense and seek high quality legal representation.

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