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Ohio's Highest Ranked DUI / OVI Law Firm

For the 10th year in a row, The Koffel Law Firm is Ohio's highest ranked DUI / OVI law firm according to Best Law Firms in America and Best Lawyers in America. There are only 3 law firms in Ohio listed in Best Lawyers in America for the practice area of DUI / OVI / DWI defense. The Koffel Law Firm is the only law firm in Columbus that enjoys this prestigious peer-review ranking.

Benefits of Working with The Koffel Law Firm

We focus on client service. Period. From same day / next day appointments, flat fee billing, interest free payment plans, and a client communication platform that is perhaps unrivaled by any other law firm in America. Our legal fees may be a little higher but our courthouse success and client reviews speak for themselves.

Which type of client are you?

  • "I Can't Have a DUI" or
  • "I Don't Want a DUI"?

We will need to know this before getting started on a client's case. Not everyone needs to throw the kitchen sink at a DUI / OVI case. Others have to do everything possible to keep the DUI / OVI off their record. We accept both types of clients and have workable strategy models for each.

A Record of Success in OVI Cases

At Koffel Law Firm, the team works hard to have their clients exonerated or penalties reduced drastically in court.

Some of our most recent OVI successes include:

  • Avoided Jail Time – Three clients of our firm were facing mandatory jail sentences. We were able to get their sentences reduced 100%. Clients did not receive a jail sentence.
  • Charge Dropped – Client was facing an OVI charge but we were able to negotiate a fine-only disposition after the State agreed to drop DUI to a reckless operation charge.
  • Charge Reduced – After accepting a plea deal, our client was able to receive the minimum possible penalties for their DUI charge.

View our other DUI / OVI case results to see how The Koffel Law Firm has been able to help clients facing drunk driving charges. Call the team today to learn more about how our attorneys can use their experience and knowledge to your advantage.

What's the BMV Hearing?

When in the face of DUI charges, you will need strong legal representation on your side. It is important to know which attorneys you can count on and which ones will be able to challenge the charges that you are up against. At Koffel Law Firm, this is exactly what the legal team is capable of. When working with a criminal defense attorney at their office, you will understand that though you have been charged with a serious offense, you may not necessarily be convicted. With proper defenses, you may be able to effectively clear your name or find lessened penalties.

Helpful DUI / OVI Resources

Ohio DUI / OVI Overview
What is DUI? Known as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, being charged with DUI is a serious offense in the state of Ohio. When arrested for DUI, you will have 30 days to request a hearing regarding the suspension of your driving privileges.

Ohio DUI / OVI Penalties
Even the first offense DUI holds serious penalties, including jail time, fines, suspension of the driver's license, community service and mandatory alcohol or drug treatment programs. If you are facing a DUI arrest, immediately talk to a law firm specializing in criminal and DUI defense.

NHTSA Manual Used by All Cops in the U.S.
Read the official "DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing" manual that all law enforcement in the United States has to use. This is the standard for all field sobriety testing at DUI traffic stops in the nation.

Representing Clients Throughout Ohio

At The Koffel Law Firm, we not only represent clients in Columbus, but throughout the state of Ohio, including the following counties:

A successful case starts long before any charges or paperwork are filed. The attorneys at The Koffel Law Firm have built strong relationships with the judges, prosecutors, and staff of the courts in the aforementioned counties. Our firm is familiar with and maintains a good rapport with the courts in these counties, which often benefits our clients.

Contact a Columbus DUI Attorney

At the firm, each client's case is taken on confidentially and personally by a member at the firm. They understand that these charges are serious, and can hold detrimental consequences for any person convicted of this crime. Call the office today for a consultation of your DUI or OVI case in Ohio!

Contact a Columbus DUI defense lawyer from The Koffel Law Firm today by dialing (614) 675-4845 or by filling out an online case evaluation.

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